Congress woos Muslims, BJP curses power meters

May 1st, 2009 | By Elections2009 | Category: Delhi

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Rashtriya Alpsankhak Vikas Morcha backing Congress

NEW DELHI: With a week to go for polling in Delhi, all the candidates for the Lok Sabha from the North-East Delhi constituency have intensified their campaigning. While Congress candidate J. P. Agarwal sought support from the Muslim community on Thursday, his BJP rival B.L. Sharma “Prem” raised the issue of fast-running electricity meters being a gift of the Congress to the people.

Mr. Agarwal got the support of a section of the Muslim community of North-East Delhi which came out in his favour during the day under the banner of “Rashtriya Alpsankhak Vikas Morcha”.

At a public meeting in Yamuna Vihar, the Morcha leaders appealed to the Muslims of Burari, Timarpur, Simapuri, Rohtash Nagar, Seelampur, Gonda, Babarpur, Gokalpur, Mustafabad and Karwal Nagar to vote for Mr. Agarwal and ensure his victory for the sake of communal harmony in the region.

Addressing the meeting, All-India Imam Organisation president Moulana Jeemal Ilyashi said: “The Congress has always been instrumental in the development of the nation. Mr Agarwal believes in secularism and works for the residents of Delhi. It is our responsibility to ensure his victory for the sake of our development.”

For his part, Mr. Agarwal appealed to the people to vote for him to ensure communal harmony and overall development of his constituency.

Meanwhile, members of New Seelampur-based Rajasthani Dhanuka Samaj also came out and assured Mr. Agarwal of the support of the community in the elections. One of the community leader, Parminder Pumpy Danuka, proposed that Dhanukas, who number about 30,000 in the constituency, should vote for Mr. Agarwal.

On the other hand, BJP candidate B.L. Sharma ‘Prem’ addressing a public meeting in Burari said: “The fast-moving electricity meters are the gift of the Congress party. These meters would be taken out and torched and an inquiry would be instituted into their installation. We will indeed provide relief to the public from these faulty and fast moving meters.”

Mr. Sharma also recalled how he had built a “Surghat” on the bank of the Yamuna when he was East Delhi MP and assured the people that he would again decorate the banks on both sides of the Yamuna with beautiful “ghats” or embankments that would conform to world standards.

Meanwhile, the BJP media chief for North-East Delhi Manoj Kashayp said that all the information about Mr. Sharma had been put on his website,, and through this site contact has even been established with the non-resident Indians to seek their support.

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